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Petroleum Engineer Casto Petroleum Engineering
Cell Phone: 740-236-2221
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Wes specializes in the valuation and marketing of oil and gas mineral properties. Helping mineral owners understand the value of their assets and ultimately get the best price for them is his goal. As the owner of Casto Petroleum Engineering, a consulting firm located in Marietta, Ohio, he works closely with oil and gas operators, mineral buyers, geologists, and all aspects of the industry. Wes has a petroleum engineering degree from Marietta College, is a licensed professional petroleum engineer, a licensed real estate agent, and a certified mineral appraiser. Wes was born and raised in Marietta where he currently lives with his wife and son.
Wes joined the Ben Schafer Realty team to combine their great reputation in Southeast Ohio with his oil and gas expertise. If you are interested in understanding the value of your minerals, what your options are as an owner, or potentially selling all or part of your interests, give Wes a call at 740-236-2221 or email him at wes@castope.com.

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