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The name “SCHAFER” has been synonymous with the word “SOLD” in Noble County for over 50 years. Here at BEN SCHAFER REALTY, we take pride in our heritage, and continue to be the LEADERS in the real estate and auction business in Noble and surrounding counties. Beginning in 1964, with Ben’s grandfather Vincent Schafer, the SCHAFER name has always been the name to call when wanting to sell your real or personal property. Back in the 1960’s while owning and operating Midtown Motors in both Cambridge and Barnesville, Vincent started attending auto auctions, it was there he found a passion that still lives on today. Vincent found a love, which was only second to his wife and children, and became an AUCTIONEER. Throughout the years, Vincent Schafer and the SCHAFER name, became the “GO TO” name, when it was time for individuals, families, or businesses to disperse of their real or personal property. For nearly thirty years Vincent conducted thousands of auctions and real estate transactions, while also instilling in his eldest Grandson, Ben, the passion and love for the real estate and auction business.

Vincent passed suddenly in July of 1994, at the young age of 69, just a month after Ben had graduated high school. Even though our FOUNDING FATHER and INSPIRATION passed, the SCHAFER legacy continued. Almost immediately after Vincent’s passing, Vincent’s youngest son, Ed Schafer (Ben’s Father) attended the Reppert School of Auctioneering, became a licensed auctioneer, and continued to carry the torch. In 1995, as a sophomore in college, Ben had decided his career path was to not only join the family business, but to lead it into the new millennium.

In 1996 at 20 years of age, Ben became a licensed real estate agent and also an apprentice auctioneer. He served his auctioneering apprenticeship under his father Ed, and soon after (once Ben become a full-fledged auctioneer a year later), ED and BEN SCHAFER, AUCTIONEERS was born.

With Ben having his real estate license, Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneers were able to offer their clients different OPTIONS when it came to dispersing of their real or personal property. With the real estate and auction business being Ben’s passion, it wasn’t long before Ben took the lead role in day to day ctivities of Ed and Ben Schafer, Auctioneer’s.

With Ben at the helm, utilizing his Grandfather’s legacy, and Father’s support, it wasn’t long before Ben realized, it was time to venture out and start a real estate business of his own. In July of 2008, Ben started Ben Schafer Realty. With Ben running the day to day operations, and Ed serving in an advisory position, Ben Schafer Realty, as well as, Ed and Ben Schafer Auctioneers blossomed into the leaders of the auction and real estate business in Noble and surrounding counties.

In the beginning of Ben Schafer Realty, focus was spent marketing residential homes through the conventional form, as well as, the marketing of land and farms through the AUCTION process. It wasn’t very long before Ben Schafer Realty realized, that they needed to expand their horizons, if they were to truly service all aspects of the real estate market place. Ben Schafer Realty became familiar with both the commercial, investment, and recreational world.

The start of 2010 brought a new sector of the market place to South Eastern Ohio, with the explosion of the Utica Shale. It was in this market, where Ben Schafer Realty knew that locals needed an expert to rely on when marketing their leasing rights, minerals or rights-of ways. Ben Schafer Realty was able to align itself with several key players within the oil and gas business. They were able to help several landowners not only secure a land-owner friendly lease, but was also able to market people’s minerals for a fair market price. They become expert negotiators when it comes to the oil and gas business. With the boom of the oil and gas business, Ben Schafer Realty noticed a need to help landlord’s secure part of the transient work force that was coming to the area. Ben, already having owned several rental properties opened up a Property Management Division.

Always trying to stay ahead of the curve, Ben Schafer Realty has recently launched its 45 Day Marketing Program. Ben Schafer Realty took their expertise within marketing properties quickly through the auction process, and created a program, which is sure to be a hit among our clients. “We see properties that set on the market for a very long time, they become stale, we don’t want to just list houses for the sake of getting a listing – we want to get them sold,” Ben stated. In this proprietary program, we only will take your residential listing for 45 days. Ben Schafer Realty’s aggressive marketing approach allows this to be possible – it will REDEFINE THE WAY REAL ESTATE IS SOLD!!!

Another program new to Ben Schafer Realty, is their hunt lease program. With the addition of Wayne Cooper as a partner, who has years of experience in handling nearly 20,000 acres of hunt leases, we are now offering this service to our client base. With the addition of the hunt lease program to Ben Schafer Realty we are now able to help our clients prosper from the ever growing popularity of whitetail hunting.

So when you are looking to do something with your real property, you will want to think Ben Schafer Realty FIRST!!! Ben Schafer Realty is always striving to find ways to help our clients prosper in the vast field of Real Estate. They not only claim themselves to be experts, but they have the experience behind them to prove it.

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